Tranquil Self Care Artisan Products

Tranquil: “A state of quietude, calmness and peace.” Our Tranquil Range aims to relax by reinstating that feeling of calmness and peace through Body and Hair Self Care Products that are crafted to perfection with natural and raw ingredients.

Self-care begins with taking care of our bodies and hair naturally. That Zen-like / Hygge feeling of peace, of calmness, of feeling at ease, at home in your own natural body, your own natural skin. Under your mask of makeup and daily hustles, what lays there? Can you walk out today all natural?

You might with our natural artisan products, they help you be you. They strive to calm, ease and love self-care enforcing warmth, zen and hygge like (stress-free) feelings naturally. We take pride in naturalness and natural raw products that add no toxins to your space.

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