Econest Ingredient Policy

Econest Ingredient Policy and Sustainable Practices:


We strive to use eco-friendly bottles and jars. These are either glass or biodegradable or recycled plastic.

If you get plastic in your order this should be recycled or reused from my personal orders.

We also sometimes reuse shipping boxes, polystyrene, bubble wrap that came from our personal orders.

Our products are handcrafted and homemade. We frequently disinfect and sanitize all equipment that we use.

We put care and effort into every product and scrutinize all ingredients that we use. We endeavor for our ingredients to be raw, natural and locally sourced.

To the best of our knowledge, our products have not been tested on animals.

To the best of our knowledge, our products do not contain any harmful toxins nor chemicals such as GMO’s, Parabens, Sulphates, Synthetic Fragrance, Propylene Glyco, Petroleum, Phthalates, Sulfates, Triclosan, Gluten.

Our products are Environmentally Sustainable.

We use double boilers to heat our ingredients there as no direct heat goes in our products.

Although our labels are currently vinyl stickers, we are working on doing better and finding better eco-alternatives to this.

What do we add in our products? According to the recipe and product:

Only raw, natural, and nourishing ingredients. We do not use premixed ingredients. Each of our products mention the ingredients used. Our website and social media pages explain the benefits of our ingredients.

·        Beeswax

·        Soy wax

·        Extra Virgin Olive Oil

·        Virgin Coconut Oil

·        Soil Essential Oils in small quantities

·        Sweet Almond Oil

·        Raw (unbleached) Shea Butter

·        Coconut Butter

·        Naturally dried Chamomile, Mint and Lavender flowers and herbs

·        Epsom Salts

In our eco-cleaning products:

§  Castile Soap (Vegetable based)

§  Vinegar

§  Rubbing Alcohol

§  Hydrogen Peroxide (we do not mix vinegar and hydrogen peroxide)

§  Bicarbonate of Soda

§  Citric Acid

§  Himalayan Salts


We are striving to reduce our carbon footprint when shipping. We look for better eco-solutions every day.

We hope to use (as we progress):

Ø Kraft Paper

Ø Shredded paper

Ø Wood wool

Ø Newspaper

Ø Newsprint

Ø Tissue paper

Ø Twine

Ø Kraft tape or gummed tape

We hope to create a bring your own glass bottle program that will enable us to give a certain discount if a clean, sanitized glass bottle or jar is provided. (implementation in progress).

Always remember to do a patch test. We all do our small part in making our environment a safer and better place to live in. We are not perfect even though we endeavor to be.

For more enquiries, solutions and suggestions, contact

Cheers MrsChetty@Econest.



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