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Self Care, Body, Beauty and Home Natural Products

The heart behind Econest.
The journey of Econest began when our Founders son was born. It was developed around self discovery.
Transitions were made and better natural alternatives were formed. Econest celebrates and enhances ones beauty naturally.

We hope to build, inspire, motivate and develop people to find, celebrate and embrace their natural selves uniquely from the inside and out. While building an empire of Econests.

We are here to meet your need where you need it most. At the heart of self care is You. We can’t pour from empty cups and it is very important to take care of ourselves.

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Our products focus on Self care, wellness and meet the constant demand for conscious and natural living.

Each of our products is unique and handmade with love. We hope to share this love, naturalness with you in your homes and take your senses to a possible naturally relaxed state.

Filled with unique formulations that are enriched with raw, natural and plant-based ingredients with benefits to live a natural lifestyle as well as provide a non-toxic home (nest).

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Foundation of Econest:

Why do we call ourselves Econest?

Eco: Eco-friendly and natural ingredients.

Nest: home.

Econest was founded by a young mother called Natasha Chetty and eco-warrior who is looking for better alternatives for the future by making a difference in the present and striving to lower her carbon footprint.



All our ingredients are raw, natural and sourced locally. With main ingredients as Extra Virgin Olive oil, essential oils: (Lavender and Tea Tree), raw Shea butter and soy wax / sustainably sourced beeswax (depending on the product) making our products gentle for all types of skin.

Our Beliefs

We believe a Healthy Environment starts as a green home! We practice eco-nesting by eliminating toxic products and replacing them with our non-toxic biodegradable products. We also believe that every effort (big or small) makes a difference. (every green purchase counts).

Our Vision

We strive on empowering people on the use of raw, ethical and alternative beauty products that improve the quality of life and our environment. We do this daily on Instagram: www.econest.co.za/econestnatural/ We encourage you to make the switch from chemical filled products to safe natural products.

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